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Having a December baby, myself, I know the struggle of figuring out what to buy our smallest family members. I have developed this list of not only my favorite, but also wished for gifts for baby’s first Christmas.

Baby’s first Christmas can fall anywhere from birth to 12 months. That is a big range when it comes to developmental abilities, so a one size fits all list post could be a waste of time if the baby on your list is either past or haven’t reached milestones yet.

gifts for baby's first Christmas

Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click links and make purchases. However, this does not impact any reviews, recommendations, or comparisons. This helps me to be able to keep this website growing in order to help you make the best choice for your children.

I have organized this list by developmental age so you can know and shop the gifts for baby’s first Christmas that are just right for your little one. Simply click the age range below to jump to the list that suits your needs.

Gifts for any infant age

From basic needs to fun items for any age, these gifts would be suitable for any baby in your circle.

Baby’s First Santa’s Workshop Set

Each character has its own sensory feature which makes this set interesting enough for any month old. The house also features a candy cane framed slot for a Christmas picture!

Munchkin Bath Toys

All babies take baths! Munchkin has a great selection of fun toys for bath time. With so many to choose from, you will be sure to fine something baby will love!

Piggy Bank

Start saving in an adorable way with a precious little piggy bank. Grandparents might want to gift it with a little something already inside. Multiple colors and styles are available!

Personalized Book

Dinkleboo has a number of personalized books. However, the “First Christmas” option would be very fitting for the holiday!

Next Size Up Clothing

Babies grow fast and their clothes can be expensive for new parents. Take advantage of holiday sales and gift some clothing in the next size up.


If you don’t know the brand the parents use – please ask! I don’t know any parent that would turn down diapers as a gift, especially if they are the brand and size they need.

And parents – your baby will love playing with the box, just as much as you need those diapers. So, don’t be afraid to gift them to your little!

0-3 Months

Gifts on this list focus on tummy time, sensory, cause and effect, and hand-eye coordination.

Activity Gym

Likely one of baby’s most used toy, an activity gym makes a perfect gift. Treetop Friends by Skip Hop is my overall pick for activity gyms for babies because of all its features. But the new Kick and Score gym by VTech is another top contender with its grow-with-me and take-along capabilities.

Water mat

Great for tummy time, a water mat provides a fun sensory experience. Baby Einstein has this sweet one with seven ocean figures inside. A wonderful winter gift, when water play is minimal.

Wrist/Ankle Rattles

Grasping at this age is only just beginning, so standard rattles may not get much use. However, these rattles by Infantino attach to the wrists or ankles and make a fun sound when baby kicks or flails – teaching cause and effect.

Infant Soothers

Little ones sometimes need a bit of help falling asleep. The Soothe ‘n Snuggle Otter mimics the rise and fall of breathing, plays 30 minutes of music, and is machine washable! For babies that tend to like vibrations to soothe, try the Calming Vibrations Cuddle Soother. This also plays music and is machine washable.

Tummy Time Mirror

With a mirror and a number of contrasting pictures, the Tummy Time Mirror from teytoy provides the perfect visual stimulation for newborns and younger infants. In addition, you can attach it to the seat in the car for development on the go.

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Stroller Toys

They are called stroller toys, but honestly we hook them to everything. This cutie elephant and its friends provide a variety of sounds and textures so babies don’t get bored.

3-6 Months

Gifts on this list focus on tummy time, strengthening core and leg muscles, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, object permanence, and teething.

Activity Jumper

Generally recommended for use when infants are able to hold their head up, this is the perfect “big gift” for this age. I recommend Neptune’s Ocean Discovery by Baby Einstein for its fun design, many activities, and take-along toys. For a full review of this and others, check out the Best Baby Jumpers post!

Melissa & Doug Fill & Spill Basket

Each item in this basket features a sensory experience. Crinkling rattling, squeaking, and chimes provide auditory cause and effect training. Grabbing the objects and filling the bag promote problem solving skills. And Melissa & Doug is a company parents trust. That makes this a perfect gift for baby’s first Christmas!

Teething Rings

If your baby hasn’t already started teething, they will be soon! A set of teething rings would make a great gift. You can never have enough of these in my opinion. The cool Infantino water rings can help soothe sore gums. And the Rainbow Round by HABA provides many textures and shapes to gnaw on.

Infantino Discovery Cube

At my house, we called this the Wonder Box. Every side has something different to explore and was loads of fun for both of my kids. Hide the orange inside to foster object permanence, work fine motor skills with the hanging fruit, discover self-awareness with the mirror, and explore all the sensory features! This Discovery Cube by Infantino is a definite must-have!

Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar

As baby starts transitioning from tummy time to sitting time, this toy can continue to entertain. The spinning ball in the center keeps the youngest engaged and the signature classical music and colors are fun for all. Keep learning as they grow by introducing the color and animal modes to discover new words on the Baby Einstein Light Bar.


These are some of my favorite balls for infants. The flexible circle pattern makes it easy to grasp and manipulate. While the added rattle feature provides an additional sensory benefit. Oballs have multiple colors available.

Infantino Sensory Bundle

This is a great set for 3-6 month olds. They are just starting to pick up and grasp things and these give them fun options. Additionally, they can be used for various activities as they grow. This Ball, Blocks, and Buddies set by Infantino comes packaged in an appealing gift box as well.

Sensory Plush

Another sensory item that makes a great gift for baby’s first Christmas is the Fisher Price Cuddle ‘n Snuggle Hedgehog. Not only does it feature different textures around the body, but it also has a squeaky nose, crinkly belly, and a chime that jingles when he gets a little shake.

Hello Senses Gift Set

If you want to gift a set that is just right for this age group, definitely consider the Hello Senses Gift Set by Fisher Price. It includes two rattles, mirror with attached sensory toys, and teething butterfly to promote all the skills 3-6 month olds are working on.

6-9 Months

Gifts on this list focus on sitting, standing, crawling, fine motor, sensory, language development, object permanence, and hand-eye coordination.

Crawling Toy

While baby may just be in the beginning stages of pushing up and getting ready to crawl, it will happen sooner than you think! The Explore & Crawl Elephant by VTech will serve as some friendly motivation as it sings and crawls around. Also available in pink.

Activity Table

Also listed in my top sensory toys for toddlers, Skip Hop’s Let’s Roll has a great table for this age range. The balls provide entertainment themselves, but accompanied with the table, it encourages standing, hand-eye coordination, object permanence, and sensory play.

Soft Books

Any book can help develop language skills. Soft books are great gifts for this age as they can practice the fine motor skills of turning pages without tearing them. Peek-a-Boo Forest by Lamaze has crinkly peek-a-boo flaps for even more interactive fun.

Stacker/Shape Sorter Set

Every baby needs the basics! This convenient stacker/sorter set by Fisher Price provides two of the classic developmental necessities for hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, shapes, colors, and patterns.

High Chair Toy

As babies start to spend more time in their high chairs trying out new foods, they may need some distraction. Instead of spending half the time picking toys up off the floor, you might want to gift a high chair toy that suctions itself to the tray like the Fishy Fascination Station by Sassy.

Hello Hands Gift Set

Fisher Price nails it with another gift set for the 6-9 month crowd. Stacking cups with friendly faces, a wobbling penguin, and and electronic panda toy all help baby develop those fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, cause & effect and more! The aptly named Hello Hands Gift Set is a must have gift for baby’s first Christmas.

Fisher Price Busy Garden

At 6-9 months there are a lot of toys that are too advanced and a lot that they have moved on from. The Busy Garden by Fisher Price fills that gap as they get ready for their next developmental stage and is a reasonably priced gift option for baby’s first Christmas.

Magic Touch Toys

The educational brand, Baby Einstein, and the trusted brand for quality wooden toys, Hape, collaborated together to bring a line of educational toys made with wood and technology.

When infants start to sit up on their own, they will explore the Magic Touch Piano. It can teach cause and effect, as well as music awareness. The plastic sheet music make it a grow-with-me toy as well.

In addition, the Magic Touch Curiosity Tablet allows babies to explore different aspects of the world around them by tapping an “app” as on a real tablet. No worries about cracked screens though!

9-12 Months

Gifts on this list focus on standing, getting ready to walk, exploration, cause and effect, pretend play, and gross motor.

Activity Walker

Don’t worry if your little one isn’t ready to walk yet. Both the VTech Sit-to-Stand and the Little Tikes Learning Lane walkers come with a removable activity panel that can be used on the floor or lap. As far as walkers go, both are at the top of my list. It really comes down to preference! Additional colors available on the VTech walker. Full reviews should be coming soon!

Ride-on Toy

Little ones are getting to the age where ride on toys will be fun to use. The transition to propelling always includes bouncing and the squishy seat on the Fisher Price Walk, Bounce & Ride Pony supports that. While this one also doubles as a walker, the soft, bouncy seat and interactive head is where it’s at.

Crawl Around Activity Center

If you are looking for a “big gift” for your almost one year old, I would suggest the Fisher Price Crawl Around Car. It has something around every corner to keep your little one entertained for hours. Plus, they can open the door, get inside, and explore away! This is also available in pink and red.

Hello Moves Gift Set

Whether we like it or not, baby is on the move! The Hello Moves Gift Set by FIsher Price gives little ones options to play and chase with a fun rattle ball and push and zoom hippo. This set also comes with a teeter totter stacker to use in various ways. From crawling to walking, this set will keep them playing and growing.

Pull Toy Set

If you have an early walker on your list, this set of classic pull toys by Fisher Price would make a great gift. The puppy, phone, and xylophone are fun sensory toys even if the little one isn’t quite ready for steps.

Ball Popper

With 5 colorful balls that pop out of the top, your baby will laugh as they try to catch them and feed them through for another go. The Playskool Busy Ball Popper is great for hand-eye coordination.

Fisher Price Roll Pop & Zoom

Is it a ball or a car? It can be both! Whether your infant wants to chase a ball, push these little cars along, or just “talk” to some friendly animals, the functionality is excellent on the Roll, Pop & Zoom by Fisher Price.

Stocking Stuffers

It can be difficult to think of things small enough to fit in a stocking that are also suitable for infants. Here is a visual (and clickable) list of things I have used in the past or recommend for baby’s first Christmas.

With this list, you are sure to find the perfect gifts for baby’s first Christmas!

Have a joyous holiday!

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