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When looking for safe, eco-friendly toys that are also affordable, look no further than Green Toys. Not only do they give peace of mind when giving them to children, but their quality is unmatched. I often go on and on about how amazing they are, but let’s get more in depth about Green Toys and their products so you can see for yourself.

Green Toys


Founded in 2008 by Robert von Goeben and Laurie Hyman who wanted to create better toys for their children, Green Toys isn’t necessarily a green pea in the toy industry anymore. It was a bit difficult to get parents to take a chance on this type of child’s toy in the beginning. I discovered it through a subscription box for my first child. They sent products from smaller companies for new parents to try. After receiving my first Green Toys item, I was impressed and hooked.

Green Toys are made out of polyethylene from recycled milk jugs and yogurt cups, so they contain no phthalates, are BPA and PVC free, and are completely safe. After all, if it safe to store our food in, it is safe for toys. In addition, they use food safe, mineral based dyes to color the plastic. These are probably one of the safest toys on the market in terms of composition.

Product Features

Because the recycled plastic is molded thicker, toys are more durable and hold up well under all kinds of play. This not only allows them to last longer, but also makes them great outdoor toys. They are frequently found in daycares, libraries, and other public settings because of their durability.

Green Toys train

The trucks and other vehicles are made entirely of plastic with no metal axles for wheels, so there is no rusting if they get wet. Play with them in sand, water, snow, mud, and rocks then hose them off when done.

Green Toys are also dishwasher safe. Sanitize baby rattles or say yes to real tea parties because everything cleans up wonderfully. Those dirty trucks from outside? Give them a rinse and toss those in too!

If something ever manages to get broken or is beyond play, toss it in the recycle bin instead of the trash. They are fully recyclable and keeps toys out of the landfills.

Product Options

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Items range from vehicles to tea sets to baby rattles. There are also now collaborations with Disney and Sesame Street. One of my favorite features of Green Toys is that they have broken gender stereotypes by making pink and purple vehicles and tool boxes and primary tea sets. Girls can like trucks and boys can like pink with this brand!


The vehicle line is some of the best on the market for toddlers and preschoolers. They are durable and clean up well, plus the material is safe for play. Every moving component is done with plastic and always turn smoothly.

Toy boats that really float and are safe to go in water? Of course! We use the tugboat in the bathtub all the time. However, it has made an appearance in the pool and the beach. They are fun to fill with water and pour out the spout in addition to just letting them float.

Pretend Play

Because all materials are food grade, Green Toys tea sets and kitchen ware are the perfect options to accessorize those pretend kitchens. Don’t worry if little ones want to fill cups with water or place their snacks on the plates for realistic play. Any mess can be wiped off easily or placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Other pretend options include house playsets, doctor kit, wagon, and tool sets.

Outside Play

Take Green Toys outside! They have a wide variety of garden gear like watering cans, pots, and even a flower building set for the impatient gardener. Flying discs and jump ropes also help kids get active with this brand. The thicker plastic not only feels great in the hand, but will definitely hold up to the elements. Don’t be afraid to take any of the Green Toys outside because it is perfectly safe!

For Baby

Babies can also play safely with Green Toys. Rattles, stackers, shape sorters, and now books are all great options for little ones. Safe for chewing and exploring, these sweet items make perfect first toys. Since these can be sanitized, they also work well for daycares.

The basic stacker is, in my opinion, the best stacker toy on the market. With eight pieces that can be nested together in any combination, there is no wrong way to play. It will be easy to praise little ones and build confidence with this stacker. Teach patterns, colors, and size as baby grows. This is a fun, multi-use set that is a must have.

Green Toys is adding new items as they expand and grow, so it never hurts to keep an eye out!

Price Point

Despite the higher cost of being made in the USA, Green Toys are generally reasonably priced. The amount of play children will get out of them for a midpoint price makes them an incredible value. Not to mention the significance of keeping toys out of landfills and reducing the carbon footprint when they get recycled.

Green Toys can be found at many big box retailers such as Walmart and Target. Local toy shops tend to carry them as well. Amazon is my favorite online retailer of Green Toys as they frequently have great deals. Of course you can always purchase directly from the Green Toys website directly!

Check out Today’s Deals to see if there are any current offers on Green Toys, or to see other available sales on toys and children gear.

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