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Personalized books make great gifts for any occasion. Not only do they promote reading and language skills, but they immerse the child into the story, sparking imagination and fun.

Playstories has several collections of books that children of any age can be added to, not only in name, but with a fun just-like-me avatar that you create.


  • Inclusion of many races and disabilities
  • Variety of story options
  • Quality of presentation and finished book
  • Books for different age levels


  • Some stories lack substance
  • Price point is on the higher side, but quality shows for it

Read on for a more in-depth review!

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The items used in this evaluation may have been complimentary in exchange for a review. This in no way impacts my opinion of the product. The information below is an honest view based on my experience and expertise.

Playstories personalized books

Variety of Story Options

Based on first impressions, I enjoyed going through the website and loved the variety of books they have to offer. There are over 10 different collections with several titles under each. There is sure to be something any little one would enjoy.

The holiday books (which include Christmas, Halloween, and Easter) are fabulous reads for older children. The career books are full of imagination. “I Love my Mom so Much” and “I Love my Dad so Much” are sweet stories for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Both the child and the parent can be personalized in this one. There are even classic stories and coloring books! The variety really makes it hard to choose. I could definitely see myself wanting to order more than one for the children in my life.

Story Content

Most of the books have age recommendations of over 6, but I think you could use your discretion when choosing. For instance, “A Journey through the Savanna” is recommended for over 6, but I would find it suitable for preschool age and maybe even older toddlers. There is the option to read through the entire story before buying, so there are no surprises with what you get.

Playstories personalized books

That being said, I do wish some of the stories had better endings. For example, in the How I Feel Collection, the book about anxiety talks about the different ways that anxiety presents itself so it can be identified and seems to end abruptly. I found myself wanting more information like things that could help reduce or manage anxiety, which I feel most parents would be looking for when choosing a book about feelings.

Playstories personalized books

The First Lessons Collection of books recommended for toddlers hit on some basic learning themes, but the stories seem too complex for the age group. I would suggest it more for preschool, in which case the content could be more advanced. Colors might include more than red, blue, and yellow – as preschoolers should already know them. The shape book is my favorite in the toddler collection because it seems the most geared toward toddlers and the story is fun enough to keep a young child’s interest.

Playstories personalized books

“The World of Numbers” (left) would be perfect for older toddlers and preschoolers as they begin to quantify numbers. In the story each number’s home has that many of the items inside. So Number 2 has two clocks, two pictures, and so on. This book can definitely go beyond the words on the page in this regard.

Creating an Avatar

When you decide on a story you like, add the name and create an avatar for the child the book is being personalized for. This is one of the first things that impressed me about Playstories personalized books. Not only do they include many skin tones, hair color & texture, and eye shape, but they also include a wheelchair option. The inclusion of everyone in a book to be personalized is amazing and I applaud them for that.

Once the avatar is created, there is the ability to add in a dedication to the book that will be printed inside. It is definitely a nice touch. Do note that if you leave it blank, the space for the dedication does not get removed. However, this spot could be used to handwrite a message or attach a picture of you and the intended child.

After selecting all the options, you are then able to view the entire book with the avatar that was designed and with the child’s name inserted into the story. I absolutely love that there are different angles and positions of the avatar throughout the story, so it really looks like the book was made for the child.

Playstories personalized books

Product Quality and Price

I have to say, I was a bit surprised at the $40 price tag. After receiving them though, I can see why they are priced as such. The packaging is beautiful. Each book came in its own high quality, colored envelope that makes a great presentation. The hardcover book and each page is printed wonderfully and the colors are brilliant. They feel like quality books that would last and definitely adds to the made-for-me experience.

Playstories personalized books

As a bonus, you are given access to the digital copy of your book once an account is created and an order is placed. This is great if you forget the hard copy on a trip. Or you can read it on a device while your child follows along in the book.


Overall, I enjoyed the experience of ordering and reading the Playstories personalized books. Even though I found some of the books to be a bit lackluster, the options between customized avatars, so many story selections, and quality makes them a great choice when choosing personalized books for kids.

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